Who We Are

Our roots are in engineering design and analysis. Our long experience in piping design and analysis has allowed us to assist our clients in achieving optimized work flows and maximum efficiency.

Our Philosophy

Software is a tool that assists us in carrying out engineering tasks. Understanding the tool and its intended purpose is critical to its proper use. Since 1990, we have used many of the pipe stress tools available in our work for diverse clients. As with other tools in our engineering “garages”, some just become favorites. ROHR2 has stood out as one of those favorites, and we are excited to show you why.

Georg Naumann

CEO & Founder

Management Team

Georg Naumann has been a user of many pipe stress programs over the last 25 years, providing engineering services to the power and process industries through his company NOWMON, INC. By serving diverse clients with pipe stress analyses, Georg has had the unique opportunity to objectively compare the various softwares available, as well as evaluate the integration of each program into different companies’ engineering work flows. In 2013, Georg more formally introduced ROHR2 to the US market and has since created Pipe Stress Inc to further expand sales and service of Sigma’s products. He is passionate about providing personalized service and training in the area of pipe stress software and engineering.

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