For Engineers, By Engineers

ROHR2 continues to be developed and supported by seasoned piping engineers who analyze piping systems as their primary responsibility. Users enjoy the latest technology, codes, and interfaces to ensure that engineers spend their time on engineering, not wrestling with their computers.

Powerful Graphical Interface

ROHR2 has the most powerful graphical user interface including modern filtering and selection abilities. Dimensioning piping components with our integrated pipe class tool, or using real-time loads in your flange analysis are just two of the features you will enjoy using ROHR2.

Unique Capabilities

ROHR2 includes a non-linear dynamic calculation module at no additional cost. This is a feature not available in the competition that you will need if you want to correctly model friction, gaps, or dampers. Your colleagues can download a free stress model viewer (including results), for better synergies in your engineering workflow.

Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis

A pipe stress analysis is performed to verify that the piping system is routed and supported properly. The analysis determines movements and loads throughout the system from which the stresses in the piping material are calculated and checked for code compliance. Loads at piping supports and equipment connections are reviewed to ensure that the selected hardware is adequate and that the equipment will operate safely. Automating the workflow from model creation to report generation minimizes cost and maximizes reliability.


    ROHR2 Users


    LDIS LLC Says

    LDIS has used ROHR2 on our projects since 2012.  The clear graphical results showing node locations and the corresponding loads have eliminated confusion that often exists on stress reports.  From a technical perspective, ROHR2’s unique “follow-up” load cases can model frictional effects over time instead of the more standard approach of modeling friction with one resisting force in only one direction.  This capability has been very helpful in exposing where there is potential for ratcheting, an issue with which some of our clients have struggled.

    -- Ben Schwenk, President, LDIS
    Website: http://www.ldisllc.com/
    Arvada, CO


    KLJ Engineering Says

    After assessing pipe stress software options for our critical design work in oil fields as well as power plants, we decided to lease ROHR2 for 6 months.  As we worked with ROHR2, we found that it offered more capability and a better interface to our design department – besides costing less – than the competing products.  These factors along with the tremendous personalized support and training we have received from Pipe Stress Inc, led us to purchase ROHR2 for our company.

    -- Jacob Friesz, Mechanical Engineer
    Website: http://kljeng.com/
    Bismarck, ND


    Gresham Smith Says

    Upon deciding to replace an antiquated stress software, we investigated several systems.  After extensive evaluation we came to the conclusion that ROHR2 was the clear choice.  Since then, that choice has been validated by the time & money we’ve saved using ROHR2.  In the training course, our specific engineering needs were addressed by Pipe Stress Inc, putting us in a position to hit the ground running. As we continue to use the software we know that support is just a phone call away.

    -- Steve Frantz, PE, Sr. Industrial Process Engineer
    Website: https://www.greshamsmith.com/
    Nashville, TN

    Clients Stories

    H2W United

    For years now, ROHR2 has been our program of choice and has continued to prove its value by giving us the ability to import the geometry of very large complex piping systems with minimal effort. On many systems, this ability has cut the cost of analysis in half compared to building and checking a second model, not to mention eliminating a potential error source…

    See How ROHR2 Cut H2W’s Analysis Costs in Half


    The pipe stress program we were using was not capable of performing dynamic analyses with non-linear boundary conditions.  Fortunately we discovered ROHR2, which not only has this ability, but its interface is simpler and more capable than anything we’ve seen.  Working with ROHR2 and receiving a high level of technical support from Pipe Stress Inc, our engineered solution exceeded expectations…

    Learn How ROHR2 Helped LPI Solve Complex Problems